Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I'm really struggling with social media.

The end.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

6 Years Old!

Six years ago, the sweetest little blonde-haired boy CREPT (and I do mean CREPT - 90 minutes of pushing!) onto the scene.

But he was bright-eyed and smart, even back then. He stayed awake (and quiet!) for almost 2 hours after he was born, just taking it all in.

And now he's SIX today.


I find it so hard to believe that I've been a mom for SIX years. Although, I think I only got it together about 4 years ago. Ha!

So in honor of Grant's birthday, here are six things I love about him!

1. He is SO FUNNY! The things that come out of that kids mouth are hysterical.
2. He loves to help. Unless it's laundry or helping clean up after the little kids.
3. He is ridiculously smart. He understands so much more than I imagine other 5 (now, 6) year olds do. We've had discussions about racism and the civil war, he knows who the incoming and outgoing Presidents are. And no one on the planet knows more about dinosaurs. Period.
4. He's thoughtful.
5. He's tough. Physically and emotionally.
6. He lives a really wide open life. He has lots of friends (all the neighborhood girls love him!), he has lots of interests and hobbies. He likes to learn new things and read. He loves the outdoors. He loves his family.

So glad he's ours! And that we haven't screwed him up too badly yet!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I am so tired, and I am just so bored.

I used to find Facebook interesting enough to add some excitement to my day, but oh. my. gosh. I just can't right now. Even the comments on news articles are so exhausting. And maddening. And saddening.

Name calling.
Rampant grammatical errors.

And that from my hometown newspaper.

I need new avenues of identification with the outside world.

What I need, is a hobby. But then I'd need a babysitter. And those are, apparently, very hard to come by, when you don't want a 14 year old.

I digress. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year

Well I could take the time to rehash the holidays, but I'll do that in our family year book for the kids, and the other family that reads this were here, so I guess we'll move on to a fresh year. I'll tell you what though, I cooked so much in my bare feet on that hard floor that my back STILL hurts. Because I'm old.

Anyway, I'm not super great with the resolutions. I like when people have a word of the year, so I've decided to do that this year.


I've also decided to just have a list of things I really work on this year. I think I blogged earlier about how now that Nash is bigger and I'm coming out of the fog of birthing 3 kids in 4 years it's time to get my life together.

So the word of the year fell into place.


I haven't quite figured out which month is going to be which focus, but I guess I should get on that. Because I'm also working on not procrastinating. Because I think that would solve a lot of my problems.


As I was saying: Focus.

This month my focus is on getting up before the kids, getting my coffee and taking a moment to meditate and just sort of awaken slowly. I already got up before them most days so I could shower, but I wanted to take a moment in which I wasn't immediately task oriented.

I admit, we're 4 days in, and today I was a little slower because Nash was up a lot teething and also Erik was here - making things less hectic, but I can really see a difference! All the mom bloggers in all the land talk about getting up before your kids to get a jump on them, and now I get it. I HATE getting up even 2 minutes before what is absolutely necessary, but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my quiet time in the mornings. I definitely think I'm on to something!

Also, I'm 10 days and 11 bags into a 40 bags in 40 days purge AND twice now I have slept more than 10 hours. 2017 is off to a pretty good start!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Last Day of the Month

Every last day of the month, Fort Stewart conducts a test of the emergency warning system.

It starts with a honking noise that makes Piper scream in fear. (Seriously, when Grant wants to upset her, he starts saying "This is a test..." and making a siren noise.)

Then it goes to a big voice announcing "This is a test. This is a test of the Fort Stewart emergency warning system. This is only a test. This is only a test."

And then the air horn goes off for like 45 seconds.

And then the big voice comes back and says "This was a test. This was a test of the Fort Stewart emergency warning system. This was only a test. This has been a test. This has been a test. This has been a test. This concludes the test." (I'm not making ANY of that up. It goes exactly like that. So seriously redundant it makes me want to scream.)

My small children cling to me petrified. God help me and them if I've accidentally laid them down for a nap earlier than I should have because this will RIP THEM FROM THEIR SLEEP. AND IT GOES ON FOREVER.

So yesterday when the siren went off we all sat in Nashie's rocking chair. I snuggled him close and stroked Piper's hair and we sang a song until it was over.

And I couldn't help but think about the Momma's that are rocking their babies as air raid sirens go off in whatever land they're living in, praying until it's over. If there even are any sirens. Maybe the windows just start shaking up on impact and the moms just run full tilt toward their children. How do you help in this case? I don't even know. I couldn't help but think that THIS IS WHY Syrians are cramming themselves into tiny boats and feeling under cloak of darkness. I read a quote once that went something like "You don't put your babies on a boat in the middle of the night unless what you're leaving behind is scarier than being on a raft, in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the night." Oh but no way should they be allowed in the land of milk and honey. Ohhhhh no. No, no. *MAGNIFICENTLY OBNOXIOUS EYE ROLL*

So I sat with my kids and I snuggled them while they whimpered each time the siren blew, and I cried too. And I prayed for those momma's and their babies. The world is scary. I'm so grateful to be raising my kids in a safe place with plenty of food and water and safety and freedom.

We take so very much for granted.